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Welcome to Slay & Associates, A professional and experienced Private Investigative Firm.  Paul Slay, Owner and Senior Investigator is a retired Police Sergeant with over 13 years of Law Enforcement experience.  Our staff is comprised primarily of retired and active duty Law Enforcement Officers.

The trust we develop with our clients is the foundation of our business.  Slay & Associates offers custom investigative services to meet the individual needs of every client.  We have a high level of success and are conscious of the sensitive and confidential nature of each investigation. 

Slay & Associates uses the most current technology to ensure that your case is investigated accurately and in full accordance with California Law.  All investigations are conducted by professional investigators who are experts on how to get the information or evidence as quickly and accurately as possible.

Slay & Associates' clients include; Attorneys, government agencies & municipalities, law enforcement agencies, corporations, small businesses, insurance companies, out-of-state private investigators, process servers, bail bondsman, and anyone in the general public that can benefit from quality investigative services.

August - 2009
Slay & Associates is proud to be a Founding Member of Western Intelligence - A Strategic Alliance of Private Investigators here in California.  Please visit our website to learn more about the value of using our Highly Trained and Experienced team of Licensed Investigators.

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